Follow the instructions on this page to create a new project with Tunder Framework


  • The Dart SDK is all you need to have installed in your environment in order to start creating a Tunder project.

Install Tunder CLI

Tunder CLI is a package with a sole purpose of helping developers to create Tunder projects. To install the CLI run the following command:

dart pub global activate tunder_cli

Now you can create a new Tunder project with the create command, like so:

tunder create my_first_tunder_app

That's it! Now you can just enjoy building your app.

How to run?

To run your tunder app you can just use VSCode to run your app in bin/main.dart file or run it manually with this command:

dart run bin/main.dart

Hot Reload

Tunder apps comes with hot reload out of the box thanks to Shelf Hotreload package. If you're running your app via command line please add the flag --vm-enable-service to enable it:

dart run bin/main.dart --vm-enable-service

Tip: create an alias to run your apps

You can create a bash/zsh alias to the bin/main.dart file which is the default entry point for dart apps. You can create something like: alias run="dart run bin/main.dart" and then you can simply use it for all your Tunder apps. :wink:

Getting started